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G-UNITS: Atmospheric Testing Ports

G-Units are self-closing atmospheric testing ports that are designed to allow for the safe monitoring of air quality before entering buildings or confined spaces. Resealable for easy and repeated access, G-Units provide large, safe access points that are quick to install, highly visible, easy to open and close, and are compatible with H2S monitors and other air testing equipment.

Atmospheric Testing Ports in Action

G-Units are a valuable tool in air quality testing and allow personnel to accurately and safely test the atmosphere inside of a confined space of building without putting themselves in danger.

Take, for example, the process for testing for H2S - a colourless, corrosive, flammable gas: After the G-UNIT Atmospheric Testing Product is installed, simply open the porthole and insert your device to monitor the internal air quality. With our 5’’ opening accepting standard H2S monitors and other monitoring equipment, this process is quick and safe.

There are many contaminants and chemicals that can pollute the air in a workplace. G-UNIT Atmosphere inspection ports allow convenient access to detect any pollutants so that Health and Safety technicians can address any concerns about air quality. After the procedure is complete, G-UNITS feature a self-closing magnetic seal designed to maintain the highest level of safety.

The Importance of Air Quality Testing & G-UNIT Atmospheric Testing Ports

G-UNITS allow for safe and easy air quality testing and help to keep people healthy, increase employee and public safety, and reduce company reliability.

First, long-term exposure to certain chemicals and pollutants can have serious negative effects on the health of employees. G-UNIT Atmospheric Testing Ports helps minimize your employee’s exposure to dangerous chemicals and ensure that they stay healthy.

Second, not only are many chemicals and pollutants harmful, they can be fatal and even explosive. Atmospheric Testing Ports allow for regular air quality testing and ensures the safety of the employees in your workplace and protects the public from exposure to hazards.

Third, frequent air quality testing encourages accountability and promotes a culture of safety. It’s important that every company takes responsibility for the safety of their workplace and their employee’s health. Company liability is reduced when safety incidents are less frequent due to diligent air quality monitoring.

Do your inspectors have safe, easy, and quick access to buildings and confined spaces? If not, consider using G-UNITS and see the difference they can make by contacting us today.

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