Integrity Products is a supplier of rare-earth magnets

Integrity Products: Supplier of Rare-Earth Magnets

Rare-Earth Magnets: Powering the Modern World

Rare-earth magnets are the heart of many technological marvels across diverse industries and help power computers, MRI machines, wind turbines, electric and hybrid vehicle motors, generators, miscellaneous manufacturing and refining applications, and more. Integrity Products is a proud supplier of rare-earth magnets of various sizes and finishes for applications all over North America.

What is a Rare-Earth Magnet?

Rare-earth magnets are the strongest on Earth and are created by combining the metal alloys neodymium and iron or samarium and cobalt. Rare-earth materials are alloyed with other elements, such as iron and cobalt, to increase their coercivity. A magnet’s coercivity refers its resistance to changes in magnetization or becoming demagnetized.

Rare-earth magnets possess an impressive magnetic field, with an attractive power of up to a thousand times their weight. Saturation magnetism refers to a rare-earth magnet that is optimized – or, as good as it can get. Saturation magnetism is achieved when every polarized molecule in the magnet material points in the same direction i.e., all north’s pointing north.

The Benefits of Rare-Earth Magnets:

Although their namesake may lead one to believe that rare-earth magnets are difficult to come by and therefore expensive, the metals they contain are not difficult to obtain. Indeed, rare-earth magnets are affordable and cost-effective while also boasting a high thermal stress point – or “T-MAX”—which makes them useful in heated environments.

Rare-earth magnets are manufactured into circular discs to provide the greatest use able magnetic force for the price and are plated with zinc, tin, nickel, and sometimes gold to prevent corrosion and protect integrity, as rare-earth magnets are brittle and prone to chips. Rare-earth magnets have a high coercivity and will stay magnetized and useful for long periods.

Integrity Products Rare-Earth Magnets

Integrity Products proudly offers Connex ™ Magnetic Connection systems as a reliable, safe, and simple solution to hold open doors and for other applications. Our patented product is made from powerful rare-earth neodymium, encased in EPDM rubber, and reinforced by a steel base plate.

Connex™ rare-earth magnets are sold as a complete set and complete with mounting hardware and installation instructions to provide a powerful and versatile connection system. Visit our Connex ™ Rare-Earth Magnets page or download our feature sheet to learn more.

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