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About Integrity

Integrity Products is a private, Canadian-owned company that creates, manufactures, and distributes world class products for a variety of industries. Founded in hard work, collaboration, and commitment to excellence, our team anticipates and responds to evolving industry challenges through the creation of innovative product solutions.

A solutions-based company with a global reach, we take pride in our commitment to customer service excellence. From technical presentations and product demonstrations to hands-on assistance in the field, we’ve got our boots on the ground, and we aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to help our clients make the most out of our Integrity Products.

Integrity Products is dedicated to actively researching and developing new and creative solutions that solve real industry problems with a particular focus on Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) mitigation. We continue to position ourselves as a premier solutions provider in the industry, with the capability to move a product from the concept stage to a finished good in a relatively short period of time.  A willingness to work directly with asset owners, engineering firms, industrial contractors, and related parties contributes to both the speed and success of our innovation cycle, as well as our ability to provide technical support for all of our products.

Our History

Our original company began as Integrity Plugz Ltd. in 2012 after founder Graham Brigham dedicated himself to finding a solution to the inefficiencies and safety-related concerns with how non-destructive testing (NDT) on insulated piping was being performed in the field. Having spent over 20 years in the heat and frost industry, he knew there could be a better way and through persistence, hard work, and hundreds of hour’s prototyping, he invented what came to be called the Integrity Plugzinspection port.  This new product would provide clean, safe, and more efficient access for performing inspections, while at the same time increasing the overall integrity of the insulation system and mitigating risks associated with Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). 

In 2014, Graham made the decision to relocate the business from British Columbia to Alberta and establish a distribution network for a growing number of products. Now operating as Integrity Products & Supplies Inc., we have continued to expand our product offering and attract talented people to drive the core focus of our business: providing innovative product solutions delivered with unparalleled service and technical support.  

Patented products like Integrity Plugz, Connex Magnets and G-units offer real world solutions to real world problems, designed and built to last at the highest safety standards.

Core Values

  1. Integrity
  2. Continuous Improvement 
  3. Excellence 
  4. Team Work 

Leadership Team

Graham Brigham

Graham Brigham

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

After witnessing the inefficiencies and safety-related concerns with the performance of non-destructive testing (NDT) on insulated piping systems, Graham knew there was a better way and through persistence, hard work, and hundreds or hours in the garage,  in 2011 he invented a new product called Integrity Plugz that would provide clean, safe, and more efficient access for performing inspections. For the next three years, Integrity Plugz continued to evolve, with the invention of two more products along the way. In 2014, Graham made the decision to start a new company based in Edmonton, Alberta and establish a distribution network for existing products and continue to create new and innovative industrial products. Thus Integrity Products & Supplies Inc. was born. Since then Graham has relocated his family from Fort St. John, BC to Sherwood Park, AB to continue to drive the businesses growth.

Graham has a wealth of knowledge and experience from his 20-year career in the heat and frost trade where he worked his way from the field to various management positions within the industrial contractor sector.

Graham serves as Integrity Product’s CEO and is the creative force that leads the company towards our vision and goals. His main passion and priority is directing the Research and Development team with the invention of new products; this provides many opportunities to use his creativity to solve problems for Integrity Products customers. Graham also manages key business relationships and contributes valuable support to our growing Business Development team.

Graham can be reached directly at 250-264-8374 or

Andrew LeMoine

Andrew LeMoine

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Andrew co-founded Integrity Products during the fall of 2014, and brought an impressive 15 years of financial and business management experience to the business.  In addition to his strong financial background and entrepreneurial experiences, Andrew is also a trained coach, mediator, and and Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementer.  

His broad experience and skill set enable him to effectively oversee the operations and provide leadership and strategic direction for our business.  

Andrew can be reached directly at 780-918-7707 or

Karl Metcalfe

Karl Metcalfe

Vice President, Sales & Business Development 

Karl joined our team in July 2016 as Director of Business Development and was promoted to Vice President, Sales & Business Development in April 2018.  Karl originally hails from Dublin, Ireland and held various positions in Procurement and Supply Chain Management since 2003. In 2013 Karl was discovered in Europe by a Canadian recruiting firm and shortly thereafter moved his family to Canada and pursued a career with a large industrial contracting firm.   

Karl’s work encompasses the management of key relationships and tactically obtaining deals by educating decision makers and end users about how we do things at Integrity Products. His goal is to give our global sales teams and distribution partners the support and tools they require for success, for them to understand the history of the company, our long-term goals, as well as the value our product solutions deliver to clients. Karl is enthusiastic about the challenges and opportunities ahead and is thrilled to be a member of the leadership team at Integrity Products.

Karl can be reached directly by phone (780) 966-7584 or by e-mailing him at

Ieva Radvilaviciute

Office Manager

As Office Manager, Ieva leads the day-to-day office operations for Integrity Products & Supplies Inc. She is responsible for developing and organizing administrative functions and procedures, controlling correspondence, bookkeeping, assigning and monitoring clerical functions; scheduling appointments, team building and events planning. Ieva makes sure our daily workflow goes smoothly and keeps everything organized!

Ieva joined the Integrity team in April 2017. Prior to Integrity, she gained experience in while working in various senior administrative positions since 2003. Her administrative career started in Spain at a law firm as an Executive Assistant to the CEO. Later she moved to Wales, UK, where she was working for Dragon LNG and South Hook LNG oil & gas projects in executive administrative support roles.

Ieva’s main interests has always been people, different cultures and administration, she graduated from Klaipeda University, Lithuania, with BcS in Psychology with a focus in personality traits and human resources. Currently she is enrolled in HR certificate program at Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada.

Vanessa Sjogren

Marketing Manager

Vanessa leads the marketing department of Integrity Products. Her day-to-day role includes managing and executing on our marketing, social media, and design strategies and initiatives. In addition, Vanessa also leads our “special ops” team -taking on various assignments that support the growth and success of the business.

Having been with Integrity since day one, Vanessa has been here through all our challenges and successes and has a deep understanding of Integrity’s core values and vision.

Vanessa prides herself on being a mom to three, wife (to the CEO ;) ), while maintaining a work-life balance that supports both her family and the business.

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