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Gone are the days of carrying a screwdriver, cuts on the hands and finding the insulation to replace what the wind blew away. When I go to a site with integrity plugz installed I know that I can get the job done efficiently , safety and thoroughly with repeatable results. Locating the examination areas easily and ensuring protection from the elements is an added bonus.
— Andreas KorfmanSenior Technician
Integrity Testing Services has been using your Integrity Plugz for the past two years. When the plug was first presented to me, three years ago, my first reaction was, “finally, a resealable cover plate for ultrasonic inspection ports, which looked professional, smart and well made”. The installation of the plug is easy and simple to pass on to non-insulators. With the option of using either low temp or high temp plugs, this has made our jobs in the field that much easier. Thank you and keep up the good work!
— John J. OliverGeneral Manager
As a contractor that’s worked in both the non destructive testing and heat and frost insulation industries, I can tell you that these Plugz are simple to install and look great. As corrosion monitoring location covers, Plugz really shine. They’re extremely intuitive and shave minutes off each testing location. I very strongly recommend these products to energy companies building new infrastructure, as well as to contracting companies, both in NDT and construction.
— Steve Wolfe
Lance Inspections Inc. offers Integrity Plugz to our clients as a means of insulation panelling for Ultrasonic Thickness Survey monitoring. This product reduces the damage caused by conventional access point and tin panel installations considerably. Integrity Plugz, when chosen and installed correctly, maintain an integral seal and prevent additional weather elements from causing damage. They’re also attractive and standardized insulation cover that can be used repeatedly without inccurring damage. Being that Integrity Plugz offer a range of sizes, shapes, and temperature ratings, we are able to utilize them for almost any type of point we choose to scan. I, Lance Smith, have also had the pleasure of meeting and corresponding directly with the Integrity Plugz team who has been nothing less than fully supportive, willing to listen to feedback, and always available for ongoing development ideas and beneficial revisions. This is important as we work in an asset integrity industry where it is realized that trending results accounts for future savings. We will continue to offer the sales, installation, and use of Integrity Plugz products indefinitely.
— Lance SmithLance Inspections
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