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Integrity PlugzInspection Ports

Integrity Plugz™ inspection ports provide large, safe, fast repeat access for monitoring your insulated assets. Our inspection ports are easily installed and highly visible, making them easy to locate at inspection access points. Integrity Plugz™ requires no fasteners on repeated access and is designed without sharp edges on the metal jacketing to reduce the risk of hand cuts. Integrity Plugz™ minimizes the risk of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) by maintaining a watertight, re-sealable inspection point and decreasing asset integrity programs’ costs.


  • Innovative flexible metal design allows plug to conform to any condition.
  • Provides large and safe access for pipe inspection.
  • Mitigates water from infiltrating the insulation system which can cause CUI.
  • Highly visible and easy to install.
  • Long in service life of 25 years.
  • Largest selection of sizes in the market.

Integrity Plugz™ Silicone

Integrity Plugz™ Silicone (High Temp) are made from high performing silicone rubber for extra protection against high temperatures (up to 450°F), mechanical damage, weather, UV, and ozone exposure. Integrity Plugz™ Silicone come with a unique edge trim which incorporates a flexible metal skeleton encased in silicone that allows it to conform to irregular surfaces and eliminates risks of injury from reaching into exposed sheet metal. The Integrity Plugz™ Silicone also includes a lanyard to avoid cover loss. Each Integrity Plugz™ Silicone comes as a kit including templates, hardware, and installation instructions.

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Integrity Plugz Silicone 

Integrity Pillowz

Integrity Pillowz provide extra protection in applications involving high temperatures by acting as a barrier between an internal pipe and Integrity Plugz™ inspection ports (replaces cut out insulation). Made from high heat resistant technical fabrics, Integrity Pillowz can provide temperature resistance up to 593.3°C (1100°F) and also provide thermal value to reduce heat loss at inspection plug locations.

Integrity Pillowz are available in sizes and shapes to match those of the Integrity Plugz inspection ports.

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Integrity Pillowz

Integrity Cryogenic Plug

Integrity Products Cryogenics Plugs are specially designed for cold service applications, these ports are manufactured as a simple 3-part assembly for cold service insulated piping systems. The first component on the Cryogenics Plug consists of the Plug itself with the addition of an aluminum ring with inserts for banding applications; second an insulation insert made from a closed cell foam material with and PTFE strap that is mechanically mounted into place; third a PTFE sleeve that can be cut to insulation thickness, this also protects against air infiltration under the insulation and serves as a barrier for the foam pillow creating a suction type fit, a thermal brake designed at the base of the sleeve to curve around the outer diameter of the pipe.

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Cryogenic Plug

Integrity Plugz™ Fire Plugz PFP

Fire Plugz is an industry-leading hydrocarbon jet fire and pool fire resistant inspection port. This product replaces standard, non-fireproof inspection ports, which leave a large flame path and failure point in your passive fire protection (PFP) cladding.

Manufactured as a three-part assembly, this product is composed of: a 304 stainless steel threaded port, a pre-moulded Pitt-char XP puck which is mechanically fixed internally to the cap and an insulation insert, manufactured from a selection of fireproof soft materials. The insulation insert provides additional insulating properties, adding even greater back-up fire protection. This also ensures that the R value of the pipe’s insulation is maintained at the installation.

Fire Plugz are suitable for use on piping and vessel cladding for passive fire protection (PFP). The Fire Plugz provide up to 3 hours of jet fire protection (Fire Plugz–J180) and up to 2 hours of hydrocarbon pool fire protection (Fire Plugz)–HC180.

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Fire Plugz PFP 

Custom Laser Engraving

Laser Engrave Directly Onto Our Products

Integrity Products is please to offer custom Laser engraving and identification tags. With in-house technology and capabilities, we can complete many types of custom engraving jobs of all sizes. Our fiber laser engraving machine can engrave and mark many different types of materials including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Silicone Rubber, EPDM Rubber, Plastics, Leathers, Wood, and more!

Please contact us to discuss your next laser engraving or tagging project!




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Andreas Korfman
Gone are the days of carrying a screwdriver, cuts on the hands and finding the insulation to replace what the wind blew away. When I go to a site with integrity plugz installed I know that I can get the job done efficiently , safety and thoroughly with repeatable results. Locating the examination areas easily and ensuring protection from the elements is an added bonus.
Andreas Korfman
Senior Technician
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