R & D is a core focus for Integrity

Research & Development

Research & Development is a core focus for Integrity Products and a pillar of our success. We realize that our products are not one-size-fits-all; R&D is used to drive the creation of new products or improvement of existing products and increase the satisfaction of our customers by meeting their specific needs and requirements of their work environments and equipment.

  • We welcome customer feedback about our current products and how they can be improved or modified to fit their particular application
  • We are quick to respond and take action on the evaluation of our products, and it doesn’t take months or years for us to innovate and implement new ideas
  • We have an expert R&D team always working on new ideas, designs, and products
  • We can create physical prototypes (using 3D printers) for testing and move them from a concept to a functional product quickly and efficiently

Our Research & Development Highlights

Case Study #1: Large Refinery (Saskatchewan)

Integrity Products can rapidly adjust our products to fit applications that extend beyond the uses of its current design. When a refinery we were working with required our Integrity Plugz inspection ports to be modified to be able to interface with the equipment used in their facility. We needed only one week to create a plan and drawings to deliver on this client’s request.

Case Study #2: Large Oil & Gas Company (Calgary, Alberta)

This customer purchased and installed our G-unit atmospheric testing port in several locations. As they used the product, they came back to us with feedback on the design. Based on this, we responded and reconfigured how the back of the unit closes; the lid was adapted to close automatically with magnets to be more convenient for technicians utilizing the port.

Case Study #3: Large Oil & Gas Facility (Ft. McMurray, Alberta)

This oil and gas client was concerned about the heat from their steam lines while using our Integrity Plugz inspection ports. Our Research and Development team set to work to solve this issue, and we created the Integrity Pillowz using thermal fabrics to act as a heat barrier for situations where extreme operating temperatures are a concern. The Integrity Pillowz solved the clients concerns and created a new and innovative product that are now offered to all of our clients.